The Best Choices of Dual Monitor Tools for Your Windows PC

The Best Choices of Dual Monitor Tools for Your Windows PC

Due to the complexities of working with one computer screen, you may find the dual monitor tools helpful in your daily activities. As someone who, for instance, works in a digital creative industry, you must have found one or two difficulties while doing your jobs. Most of the time, the problem may come from the single monitor currently attached to your Windows 7 or 10 PC.

In this case, you must find an alternative which may help you work on your project efficiently without any problems. One of the methods you can do is to install dual monitor tools on your Windows 7 or 10 PC. Instead of sticking to a single display to work, you can separate the PC monitor to two. This method can be achieved if you use dual monitor tools.

By using the tools, you can expand the view of your Windows 7 or 10’s desktop. By setting up the dual monitor tools, you will feel like having two Visual Display Units in one unit. Without having to add more monitors, you will get to work with the expanded display of your Windows 7 or 10’s monitor screen.

In order to apply the dual monitor setup, you must have a dual monitor tool first. Whether you use Windows 10 or Windows 7, the built-in configuration in the Windows system does not support the dual monitor setup. It also does not have the taskbar to operate the secondary Visual Display Units.

What are Dual Monitor Tools For?

Dual Monitor Tools

When you purchase computer hardware, you will usually get the instruction manual to operate it. The dual-monitor tools usually come in software form instead of a hardware one. If you need a dual monitor for your Windows 7 or 10 PC, then you can simply use dual monitor tools. Unlike the built-in Windows’ graphics display settings, you can do much than managing the default desktop screen of your Windows 7 or 10 PC. With dual monitor tools, you can manage and expand the monitor screen of your Windows 7 or 10 PC.

Dual monitor tools help you fully realize the potential of having multiple monitors within one screen. It will get your monitor to look the way it has never been before. Several things you can do with dual monitor tools on your Windows 7 or 10 PC are as follows.

Step 1: You can expand an open window. With dual monitor tools, you can maximize the window’s view across the desktop. The keyboard shortcut usually will make it easier to operate.

Step 2: Managing the Windows taskbar to act accordingly. Along with the dual monitor, you will get a Smart Taskbar. With this feature, you can manage your taskbar to control the specific monitor or every monitor displayed within one screen.

Step 3: Controlling the window positioning of active applications.

Step 4: Getting the multi-monitor support for desktop wallpapers and screensavers. With this feature, you can choose each different wallpaper for each monitor.

Step 5: Most importantly out of all the features above, you can use the mirror of the primary monitor to secondary monitors to help you present a presentation.

Dual Monitor Tools for Windows 7 or 10 PC

If you have difficulty in deciding which one of the dual monitor tools you can use for your Windows 7 or 10 PC, then we have the solution for you. In this section, we will give you six of the best dual monitor tools you can install on your Windows 7 or 10 PC. Without further ado, let’s get to the business at once and see which one of the dual monitor tools below best suited for your Windows 7 or 10 PC.

If you are interested to take your single PC’s monitor experience to another level, then you can simply use dual monitor tools. Get the additional VDUs for your default Windows desktop. You can also play around with the customization options and manage each one of the applications on your Windows 7 or 10 PC differently with the dual monitor tools. To do all of these, you can download one of the tools we have curated below. See if any of the software there interests you.



If you need a dual monitor tool which can be compatible with your stylish Windows 10 skins, then you can use Ultramon. As the trusted dual monitor tool, UltraMon has an extensive package of tools to set up the dual monitor display on your Windows PC. You can use this dual monitor software for your 32 and 64-bit Windows system. It can also operate on Windows XP, 7, 8, and 10.

In order to use this dual monitor tool, you will have to purchase it for $39.95. With its complete dual monitor setups and features, Ultramon does not provide a free version to try out. Nonetheless, you can still use the dual monitor tool for free with the first thirty-day trial feature. All you have to do is to download Ultramon from its official website right away

By using Ultramon, you will get a taskbar extension. This feature will help you extend the taskbar to the second display of the monitor. With this feature, you can set up your taskbar to manage the programs to be open within one display unit. Ultramon will also allow you to choose each different wallpaper or screensaver for each display unit. If you need to expand the VDUs, you can use the Maximize desktop button on each window’s title bar. With this feature, you can expand the windows across both monitors as well as mirroring the displays on both display units.

Actual Multiple Monitors

Actual Multiple Monitors

If you need a dual monitor tool with a complete package, then you can use Actual Multiple Monitors. Just like any other dual-monitor tools, Actual Multiple Monitors provides a taskbar, Start menu, system tray and Alt+Tab handler to deal with the multiple display units. You can use this program on your Windows 7, 8, or 10 PC with a price of $40.

Do not worry about the compatibility issue for Actual Multiple Monitors can get along with the 32 and 64-bit Windows operating system. In case you want to use this program for free, you can download it first and use it with the first thirty-day trial feature.

As rare as it gets, the Actual Multiple Monitors can actually clone the Windows taskbar on the secondary display unit. With this feature, you can see the Start menu, notification area, Show Desktop button and many things on the desktop taskbar on the second display unit.

Additionally, you can configure this setting with the mirror, mixed and individual mode settings. If you use the secondary taskbar, you can see the context menu in which you can use to collect the windows into it and move them to the main taskbar.

Other than using the extra taskbar to manage the monitor, Actual Multiple Monitor also allows you to apply alternative wallpapers on each monitor. Alternatively, you can also expand one background across the multiple desktops. You can also manage the same type of setup for the screensavers.

In addition to the wallpaper and screensaver management, you can also use The Desktop Divider to help you divide the desktop into smaller tiles for maximized windows. Other than the Divider, you can also use the mirroring feature to clone the primary monitor in the secondary display unit. This feature will help you well during a presentation.

DisplayFusion Pro

DisplayFusion Pro

To get the best dual monitor experience on your Windows PC, you can use DisplayFusion Pro. As one of the top dual monitor tools, DisplayFusion Pro has everything you need to set up the multiple monitors within one PC screen. You can get the software for free or get the full experience with the pro version by purchasing it for $29.

With the Pro version, you will get to enjoy the multi-monitor taskbars or screensavers, Windows lock screen customization settings and the keyboard shortcuts options, including the Alt + Tab Handler. What you can do is to download the official DisplayFusion software and install it. Get the DisplayFusion pro as your dual monitor tool for your Windows 7, 8, or 10 PC.

With the DisplayFusion Pro, you will get to customize the dual monitor display on your Windows PC. This tool allows you to deal with the dual monitor setups extensively compared to any other tools in this list. Like the previous tool, DisplayFusion Pro will let you choose different wallpapers to each display unit, expand one wallpaper across two monitors, manage the set up of the lock screen, set up the screensavers across each one of the monitors on the display, and many more things.

Aside from the basic setup, you will get to enjoy the multi-monitor taskbar. With this feature, you can maintain the Start and Show Desktop buttons and the preview of certain applications on the second display unit. Just like any other dual-monitor tools, DisplayFusion Pro will also be equipped with the Alt + Tab Handler, additional Windows 10 customization settings as well as setup programs from your Android and iOS devices.


In case the DisplayFusion Pro overwhelms you, you can get the lighter version of the dual monitor tool with Multimon. As opposed to multiple monitor setups, you will get triple monitor setups if you use Multimon. To use this program, you will need to choose between the MultiMon TaskBar 2.1 or TaskBar Pro 3.5. Each program can be purchased for $35. Both of the versions can be compatible with a 32 or 64-bit Windows operating system.

The downside of using Taskbar 2.1 is you will not get much more than the extra VDU taskbars. Nonetheless, it does include a handy Clipboard Extender tool as the latest version has. With this feature, you can save the text copied from a clipboard and select several items on the secondary taskbar in the process. If you need to expand windows on your dual monitor screen, then you can use TaskBar Pro 3.5. With the latest version of the tool, you can expand windows across two display units and move them to another monitor easily.

Dual Monitor Tools

Dual Monitor Tools overview

As a lightweight monitor tool, Dual Monitor Tools can give you what you need with its dual-monitor setups. If you wish to install this program, you will only need no less than one MB storage space. Aside from its lightweight features, it is also equipped with multi-monitor tools. You can download the Dual Monitor Tools to help you manage the dual monitor display on your Windows XP, 7, 8, or 10 PC.

The lightweight dual monitor tool has five different modules to try out. Those are DMT Launcher, Cursor, Snap, Swap Screen and Wallpaper Changer. With DMT Launcher, you can open any programs by entering the codes or the special names on the text box. Manage your desktop as well by arranging certain programs to set up accordingly with the DMT Wallpaper Changer.

With Dual Monitor Tools, you can move your way around two display units, minimize, maximize and supersize the windows so you can view better. If you need to take a screenshot, then you can use the Snap feature. This feature will help you capture the shot from one monitor and display it on the other.



If you look for a dual monitor tool which can get you dealing around multiple screens effortlessly, then you can use MurGeeMon. This dual-monitor tool for Windows PC can help you jump from the primary display to the external display with ease. It can also help you disable the connected displays, enable the connected displays, and many more. In addition to the multiple monitor features, MurGeeMon is also equipped with options to modify the theme of each display unit. It will also allow you to manage the wallpaper for each unit, so you do not have to use a single wallpaper which may cover your multiple monitors.

Unlike any other dual-monitor tools, MurGeeMon also allows you to set up the resolution of each one of the monitors on your Windows screen. You can do it with the help of a desktop shortcut or with a single click. With this feature, you can save the power used on your Windows PC monitor and use it efficiently. To get this dual monitor tool to work, you can buy it only for $5. If you wish to try it for free, you can simply download the official version of MurGeeMon and use the thirty-day trial.

Additional Software to Accompany Dual Monitor Tools

In case you want to enhance the dual monitor tool on your Windows 7 or 10 PC, then you can use the software to improve the experience below. We have curated a list of helpful software which may help you operate the dual monitor tool better. This list includes the taskbar, monitor, screen, keyboard shortcut, and program launcher software. Without further ado, let’s dive into this list and see which one of the software can help you improve the dual monitor tool on your Windows PC.


If you need a functional taskbar feature for free, then you can use ZBar. As open-source software, ZBar provides a compact taskbar to help you manage the dual monitor on your Windows 7 or 10 PC. The ZBar will help you place the taskbar on the top and bottom of each of the display units. With ZBar, you will get one or two rows of buttons or controls in each taskbar. You can also get six different styles for your taskbar. If you wish to add some things, you can use the optional clock, a six-month calendar with complete displays of months, years, and dates throughout. Aside from the necessary taskbar related features, you can also get eight different skins. Along with it, you can also set up the height and add some special effects to it.


Zscreen Overview

In case you need to take efficient time to take multiple screenshots quickly, then you can use ZScreen. This screenshot tool is not like any screenshot tools. ZScreen provides you with rich features of taking a screenshot. What you can do with this screenshot tool is vast. You can take a full screenshot of a window, choose a selected area to capture, and take a screenshot of an active window only.

To make it even easier, you can take screenshots using each of the modes through the keyboard shortcuts. ZScreen works with every single graphic format you can think of. In addition to capturing shots, you can also use ZScreen to insert a watermark and name the files.

Besides the modes to take the screenshot, ZScreen also provides many other useful features. Once you take a screenshot, you can copy it to a Clipboard, save it as an image file, send the image directly to someone or upload it to your image sharing account.

Do notice that ZScreen supports RapidShare, Flickr, ImageShack, TinyPic, Twitter and many more image sharing sites. All the goodness aside, ZScreen does not have a built-in editor tool to edit your screenshot. Therefore, you will need an editor tool to help you edit the image file of it.

Aside from the screenshot features, ZScreen also has a couple of interesting features. It has an embedded translator, a clipboard manager, and a URL shortener. Due to the number of features the tool has, the display of the tool can be a lot to handle. Nevertheless, you will get used to it once you use this tool.


DimScreen Overview

As the dual monitor tools take their places on your Windows 7 or 10 PC, the screen management has to be set up accordingly as well. If you feel like your monitor’s screen is too bright, you can adjust the light with DimScreen. It may sound like a useless app, considering you can adjust the brightness of your PC from the Settings, but this app operates easier than the default brightness setting. You can adjust the brightness by using the specific keyboard shortcuts.

Due to the noninstallation feature of this app, DimScreen can be stored in any folders, Home Screen included. You can try to right-click the DimScreen icon to open up the menu for the screen light adjustment. There, you will see ten different levels of brightness.

With DimScreen, you will not need to set the shortcuts for everything is already set up in the Settings menu. Instead of using the cursor to adjust the brightness setting, you can use the keyboard as the function keys. Use the keys to adjust the brightness on your Windows 7 or 10 PC. Furthermore, DimScreen will be automatically activated once you start the Windows PC.


If you have difficulty in adjusting the keyboard shortcuts of certain apps, you can use HotKeyMan instead. You can use the personalized shortcuts to command the app by using the Windows, Alt, Ctrl and Shift buttons along with the other characters in your keyboard. Furthermore, you can register all of those combinations to perform certain commands you need to operate the program. The combinations of the keyboard keys can help you open files, capture screenshots, send keystrokes to certain programs, as well as maximizing or minimizing windows.

Other than your own keyboard combinations, you can use default HotKeyMan keys to delete or edit anything as you want. As long as you do not overwrite the default commands with your personalized ones, the program should be fine to work with. Once you have made all the keyboard shortcuts, you can take a look at the crib sheet. There, you can see the list of keyboard keys combinations stored neatly. As the alternative to keyboard commands, HotKeyMan can definitely help you manage the dual monitor tools on your Windows 7 or 10 PC nicely.


Proceed to launch any websites you find at once with SiteLauncher. As a Chrome add-on, SiteLauncher will allow you to take direct shortcuts to your favorite websites. In a way, SiteLauncher works similarly to the bookmarks bar. Nonetheless, it still has an upper hand compared to the bookmark bar. The SiteLauncher can store a lot of links and they all can be accessed easily with a combination of particular keyboard keys.

Just use the assigned key combination you have made. Then, you can choose the site you want to access by pressing the combination of those keys. Just like the other key combinations, you will have to memorize each of the combinations to get to the sites easily. Aside from the personalized keyboard key combinations, you can use the default ones from the SiteLauncher.


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